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What to Do When Your Job Is Hurting Your Mental Health

Although improved awareness around mental health has made workplaces more attuned to supporting struggling employees, some workplaces are still making employees’ mental health worse. And not only is poor mental health detrimental to you on a personal level, but it can …

By Robin Hoon - Firsthand
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Tips and Tricks on Becoming a Machine Learning Engineer from a SurveyMonkey MLE

Machine learning engineering is currently one of the most in-demand professions across sectors ranging from tech to entertainment, finance, healthcare, and government. But what do ML engineers actually do? How do they differ from data scientists and software engineers? And …

By Guest Contributor - Springboard
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Healthcare Organizations Reward and Foster the Wellbeing of Employees for Dedication During Covid and Beyond

Forward-thinking executives of health care organizations are rewarding employees for their dedication during the pandemic. The covid crisis has exacerbated the health care staffing crisis, especially among nurses and nursing assistants.  Many nurses are leaving the profession, as they are …

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