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Student Stories: UX Alum Launches Language Learning App

Student Stories: UX Alum Launches Language Learning App thumbnail image

Meet Jane French, a graduate of Springboard’s UX Career Track.

Jane had always loved languages. As a child, she would create quizzes in Microsoft Excel for her younger siblings to help them learn French. Then, when she and her husband …

By Kindra Cooper - Springboard
Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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5 Public Service Professions that Make a Difference

public service

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By Shanlyn Tse
Shanlyn Tse Shanlyn Tse
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How to Prepare for Common Interview Questions

How to Prepare for Common Interview Questions thumbnail image

Are you looking for a new job? This article will help prepare you for what questions may be asked throughout the recruitment process.

Pre-Interview Questions

Many of the questions you’ll be asked as a job hunter happen before you even …

By Tarek Bouakaz - Vidcruiter
Land your dream job and advance your career with expert advice.
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Why, When, and How: The FAFSA Survival Guide


What you’ll learn
Why the FAFSA is important
When you should fill out the FAFSA
How to complete the FAFSA

Whether I’m at an industry conference, a family gathering, or a local restaurant with friends, I am usually faced with …

By Shanlyn Tse
Shanlyn Tse Shanlyn Tse
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What is a Graduate PLUS Loan?


What you’ll learn
Learn about Graduate PLUS Loans, a type of federal student loan for graduate and professional students.
Learn about applying for a Graduate PLUS Loan and requirements to keep in mind.

The Graduate PLUS loan, or a Grad …

By Shanlyn Tse
Shanlyn Tse Shanlyn Tse
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Presidential Challenge Coins The history of challenge coins is military in nature and can be traced as far back as the Civil War when soldiers carried a coin from their hometown throughout the conflict and then continued to carry it after the war as a reminder of their experiences. The coins are still an active symbol in today’s military forces. In addition to the military, lawmen and firefighters are also known to carry challenge coins today.At Schreiner University, the Presidential Challenge Coin series was established by Dr. Charlie McCormick after his presidential inauguration in 2017. A series of five coins to be earned by students from the time they Enter with Hope as freshman until they graduate and Leave with Achievement.

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