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Our Human Resources Community page is geared towards students interested in entering the world of advertising and public relations, making a career change, or refreshing their candidacy as an applicant. Learn how to turn your major into a career, refine skills that are key to the industry, and pick up advice from industry insiders. Within this page, we’ve consolidated all these resources to guide and advise you towards your career goals. Use this page to find helpful insights in articles, browse related courses, contact community facilitators, and begin your job search.


Welcome to the HUMAN RESOURCES Community

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What is Human Resources?


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By Shannon Desmond
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How to Set Career Goals (and Meet Them)

How to Set Career Goals (and Meet Them) thumbnail image

When you’re just starting out in your career, thinking five or 10 years ahead might seem overwhelming. After all, how can you determine where you want to go when you’re only just beginning? But setting goals is actually a great …

By WayUp
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