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Our center provides a unique mentoring program for First Generation students. Through this page, we hope to provide helpful resources that are unique to you and the specific goals and skills that you’d like to cultivate. Contact any of our listed mentors to set up a meeting and create a plan to guide you on your career path.

Welcome to the FIRST GENERATION Community

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10 People on What It Was Like to Be the First (or Only) at Work

By Pam Demetroulakos
Pam Demetroulakos Pam Demetroulakos
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College Study Hacks: How To Memorize Faster, Retain More, And Do Better On Exams


Studying is important. It’s how you got into college in the first place. But now that you’re here, things are a little different. High school tactics won’t do the job in a college class. Studying the night before or quickly …

By WayUp
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Choosing College Classes 101: How To Pick The Right Schedule (Even If You Don’t Know Your Major)


The college experience is about a bunch of things. It’s about growing up, forging friendships, finding love, and charting a path for yourself. But more than anything it’s still school! Just because you’re not in high school anymore, doesn’t mean …

By WayUp
Sign up to WayUp to personalize your job search and apply to opportunities from Fortune 500s to startups, all in one place. Let’s get you hired! Click here
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Student Organizations

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Demo College Chapter

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children realize their potential and build their futures. We nurture children and strengthen communities.

Peer Tutors

Find a Demo College student to help you succeed in any class, or offer your own expertise to help others!

NextGen America of Demo College

NextGen America acts politically to prevent climate disaster, promote prosperity, and protect the fundamental rights of every American.